The brand new ‘A History of British Royal Jubilees’ is available on Pen and Sword and at Amazon.

A History of British Royal Jubilees

June Woolerton’s two novels are available on Amazon.

All Manner of Murder (The Wedding Planner Mysteries)

Cara Carter’s dream holiday in the Cotswolds turns into a nightmare when the celebrity wedding of the year takes over the village. As thousands descend on the picturesque spot, Cara’s idyll looks in danger of disappearing into a melee of madness. A chance meeting with a bride whose own wedding has been derailed by the mayhem leads Cara into a new circle of friends but just when she thinks things might be taking a turn for the better, the owner of the medieval Manor where the wedding will take place is found dead. And every new friend she has made is a suspect. Can Cara crack the case before the killer comes for her? All Manner of Murder is available to buy on Amazon.

Revenge of the Sunburned Flamingoes (The Wedding Planner Mysteries)

A bride obsessed with butterflies and a wedding so top secret not even the bridesmaids are allowed to know the details until the day are all part of the job for Cara Carter as she attempts to make a new life for herself. Can she escape her dull day to day by creating a fairytale of her own? Find this fun filled novella on Amazon.