Broadcaster, reporter, newsreader, commentator, producer, editor…..

I’ve been a journalist for over twenty years and much of that time has been spent in the exciting and fast moving world of broadcasting. I am a radio producer, editor and reporter and I’ve been lucky enough to work for some of the biggest organisations and programmes in the UK.

I’ve worked at BBC Radio Ulster, BBC Radio Five Live, BBC Radio 2, BBC GNS and BBC Essex as well as at Phoenix FM. From producing live programmes to reporting on big stories and elections, from managing major outside broadcasts to popping out podcasts, from reading the news to commentating on major events, getting well written words and outstanding audio on air is a passion.

Photo credit for this one….By Nils Strand – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, ex Wiki Commons.

Writing as Lydia Starbuck

I’ve spent my life with a bit of an old granny name so when I decided to dip my toe into the world of blogging for the first time, I decided to do it under my actual granny’s name. Yep, Lydia was my nan and now I write all about royals under that byline.

I’ve got a blog which I love, love, love, called Queens of England (the link will take you right there, please love it as much as I do!). Lydia is also the name I used as Desk Editor at Royal Central (yes, there’s a link, this time to my author page there) while it’s been fabulous fun to contribute to History of Royal Women under that name, too. And once upon a time, I wrote for Yahoo, too.

So if you see my granny’s name somewhere, please have a look. It could well be me writing on a subject I just love, royals and royal history.

My Novels

Well, of course there’s a book…it took a long time to write, a long time to edit and I love it so much I’m making it the first part of what I hope will be a long series.

All Manner of Murder is set in one of my favourite places, the Cotswolds, at a wedding being watched by thousands but where a murderer can go undetected. It’s available on Amazon right now (click the link to see more) and in the next few months, the second installment of The Wedding Planner Mysteries will be unveiled right here.

Feature Writer

Writing features is a thing of beauty. The excitement of a new idea, the intricacies of research, the joy of seeing so many strands come together into something I hope people love to read. I’ve written features for magazines, online publications and bookazines on a huge range of subjects and I’ve loved crafting every one of them.

My portfolio includes articles in History of Royals, All About History and on Popsugar. I have written pieces for recently published bookazines on The House of Windsor and Prince William and Prince Harry and my work will soon appear in publications on The Medicis, The Englightenment in Europe, US Criminals and King Richard III.

Links appearing soon.