Writing as Lydia Starbuck

I’ve spent my life with a bit of an old granny name so when I decided to dip my toe into the world of blogging for the first time, I decided to do it under my actual granny’s name. Yep, Lydia was my nan and now I write all about royals under that byline.

I’ve got a blog which I love, love, love, called Queens of England (the link will take you right there, please love it as much as I do!). Lydia is also the name I used as Desk Editor at Royal Central (yes, there’s a link, this time to my author page there) while it’s been fabulous fun to contribute to History of Royal Women under that name, too. And once upon a time, I wrote for Yahoo, too.

So if you see my granny’s name somewhere, please have a look. It could well be me writing on a subject I just love, royals and royal history.